Integrated crop management approach

Experience and Innovation

Committed, Competent, Consistent, Responsible

Local, national and international networks

Products and Services

Crop production

Serve-Ag stocks a comprehensive range of crop protection products, backed up by speciality…

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Pasture & livestock production

Experienced Agronomists advise clients on all aspects of pasture/animal production.

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Seed sales & Production

Serve-Ag works directly with national & international breeders to produce and access the latest…

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Soil, Plant & Water Testing

30 years experience providing quality analytical services for a range of agricultural applications.

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Soil Health

Healthy soils are the cornerstone of productive and sustainable agricultural farming systems.

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Forestry & Vegetation Management

Key reference point for forestry advice & vegetation management.

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Business Development

New products, pipeline trials, introduction to industry, professional reports and innovative processes.

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Commercial Pest Control

Major suppliers to the Tasmanian Pest Control Industry, providing technical & product requirements.

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Agricultural Technology

Serve-Ag has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation in agriculture.

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Precision Agriculture

Serve-Ag is the industry leader for Precision Agriculture in Tasmania.

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Serve-Ag can provide all your biofumigation needs.

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