About Us

Serve-Ag’s Corporate Statement

Serve-Ag creates prosperity in agriculture and related industries through our people, agricultural technology, innovation and leadership.

Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in our field and to be regarded by our agribusiness clients as delivering good value and easy to do business with.

In creating prosperity for our clients, our staff, the company and those we work with, we will be:

Committed  ::  Competent  :: Consistent  ::  Responsible

A brief history of Serve-Ag

Serve-Ag was established in 1976 by Buz Green and Mike Gow. Both were employed in the vegetable industry at the time and identified an opportunity to provide agronomic services to the agriculture farming community on the north west coast of Tasmania.

The initial objective was to provide clients with sound agricultural advice, specialized crop production inputs and technology, with the view that if they could enhance the success of their agribusiness clients, this would enable Serve-Ag to grow and prosper with them. This philosophy still applies today.

Serve-Ag initially operated from a small office and shed at Vecon Pty Ltd at Forth. In 1979 it moved to Hillcrest Road in Devonport and then in 1993 to the current purpose built facility at Devonport.

As the company developed it established branches throughout Tasmania with eight operating today. During this time the company expanded its agricultural consulting services and also became recognised nationally as a leading provider of agricultural technology and agricultural development and research.

In 2004 Serve-Ag Research Pty Ltd (which has since been re-named Peracto Pty Ltd) and Agricultural Resource Management (now Macquarie Franklin Pty Ltd) were formed from business groups within Serve-Ag. Both companies have developed to become well recognised businesses in the their own fields of expertise nationally and internationally.

In 2008 Serve-Ag Analytical Services became a separate company known as AgVita Analytical and has since built a state of the art analytical laboratory facility.

Serve-Ag was a foundation member of AgLink, a leading national agribusiness group, and was also a foundation member of the Tasmania Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG).

Serve-Ag’s pursuit of excellence has been acknowledged through several awards including the National Small Business Award in 1983, the AusIndustry Tasmanian Innovation Award and the Telstra Tasmanian Small Business Award in 1999.

On October 31, 2003 a 27 year partnership ended when Mike Gow retired from Serve-Ag Pty Ltd.

On 1st May, 2016 Buz Green sold his shareholding in Serve-Ag to E.E. Muir & Sons Pty Ltd.  The similarity in both business and relationship values marks a new and exciting chapter for each company as E.E. Muir’s has a prestigious history that extends more than 80 years and 4 generations in the agriculture industry.  When Edward Eric Muir established his business in 1927, at the Victoria Market in Melbourne, he began a family enterprise that has now grown to cover all of mainland Australia, through its many retail outlets.   The Muir family are committed to continue the excellent tradition established in the past, and are proud to offer the services of a 4th generation Australian company to its expanding customer base.