Business Development

The Business Development team collaborate with key industry stakeholders (suppliers, farmers, advisors, consultants, contractors and processors) in developing new opportunities in the areas of advice, nutrition, crop protection, seed, non- crop (forestry and industrial) and seed production.

Projects we work on include;


  • Internal research projects for continual innovation
  • Vegetable variety trials to assess suitability to the local growing conditions and market requirements
  • Field days and discussion groups for primary producers
  • External research, development and extension projects partnering with other agribusinesses/grower organisations/horticultural companies etc.
  • Production of professional reports and social media updates for the extension of knowledge to clients and industry
  • Design and implementation of applied on-farm trials
  • Develop tailored consultancy packages to address client requirements in areas of vegetation management, agronomy, research, forestry and many other sectors

Current Projects;

  • Integrated vegetation management for a statewide transport corridor including industrial herbicide recommendations, seasonal planning, assistance with following legislative weed control requirements and weed identification services
  • Managing trial with a forestry company, assessing different approaches to maximising plantation production
  • A suite of applied agronomy field trials (nationally) assessing innovative products and management practices and the impact on agricultural productivity

Completed Projects:

  • Screening, small plot and semi-commercial trials of pipeline vegetable genetics in onions, carrots, brassicas and lettuces working with seed companies, growers and packers/processors
  • Pre commercial development of a balanced micro-granular starter fertiliser ideal for small seed crops
  • Development of foliar fertiliser programmes to increase processing potato yields