Forestry & Vegetation Management


Serve-Ag is a reference point for the Tasmanian plantation forestry industry. Serve-Ag offers management support services in plantations for pre and post-harvest including:

  • Plantation establishment, secondary and later-age nutrition options using Basacote® controlled release fertiliser
  • Plantation pre and post-establishment herbicide options
  • Plantation maintenance (weed and insect control)
  • Site conversion for agriculture (soil analysis and pasture seed varieties)
  • FPA compliance assistance
  • Water table and catchment advice

Serve-Ag is the Australian distributor for the Basacote® controlled release fertiliser range in Forestry and has a network of supply points and nutrition trials across a range of plantation species throughout Australia.

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Weed & Vegetation Management

Serve-Ag works closely with agribusiness to develop solutions for Industrial Vegetation Management for industrial sites, rail, roadsides and infrastructure lines.

Serve-Ag provides professional technical support and can provide a range of services and strategies in vegetation management including:

  • Weed identification and auditing
  • Weed mapping
  • Prioritisation to streamline on-ground activities
  • Chemical control recommendations and effectiveness review
  • Ensure environmental and regulatory obligations are met
  • Control target weeds and maintain desired plant communities using selective herbicides
  • Seasonal management activity calendar
  • GPS locate and map environmentally sensitive areas
  • Utilise strategic chemical rotation to manage the risk of resistance

Our approach ensures that ongoing vegetation management is undertaken in an environmentally sustainable and cost effective manner. Serve-Ag utlises mapping and GPS technologies that support vegetation management needs today and into the future. Serve-Ag can offer various packages of assistance that can range from product supply and advice to high level support partnerships. Our staff can develop comprehensive integrated vegetation management (IVM) strategies to suit individual needs.

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