Precision Agriculture

Agricultural Technology: Farming with precision data

Serve-Ag is the industry leader for Precision Agriculture in Tasmania. We are networked to key service providers, R&D agencies and leading farmers within Tasmania and beyond.

GPS guidance, agricultural GIS software platforms, spatial mapping products and Variable Rate Application technologies (VRA) enable farmers with the data sets to determine agronomic inputs and guide strategic investment to maximise zone specific or paddock performance.

The ultimate aim of well applied precision data is to deliver economic, agronomic and environmental benefits, all of which are measurable in terms of $ per Ha.

Serve-Ag Technology Product range:

  • Consultancy incl. PA Implementation planning.
  • Digital Farm Maps and App. related services – Avenza PDF.
  • Farmer, Agri-business and GovernmentPA/Technology Projects.
  • Drainage and Irrigation modelling.
  • Geo-referenced Nutrient mapping with VR application maps – Precision Agriculture.
  • NDVI Satellite Imagery – i-ekbase.

Drainage Map


Example of a Potato Field suffering from rot due to poor drainage.


pH zone map