Production agronomy advice

Serve-Ag’s production agronomists work closely with farm businesses and corporate agribusiness clients, providing regular farm visits to identify crop and pasture pests and diseases, monitor crop growth and provide agricultural advice on crop rotations, fertiliser and irrigation. An Integrated Crop Management (ICM) approach is taken with particular reference to sustainability and economic viability.

Serve-Ag agronomists service a wide range of clients growing vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, pastures, turf, grapes, flowers, ornamentals, and broad-acre and medicinal crops. A thorough understanding of soil, water and nutrient relationships and extended agronomic networks nationally and internationally ensures provision of comprehensive production agronomy services. Serve-Ag has a strong commitment to the professional development of staff through training and study tours to agricultural production regions in other parts of Australia and overseas. Production agronomists and project consultants are directly involved in local research trials, testing new agriculture farming practices and products on sites across Tasmania, and extending these results back into industry.