Soil, Plant & Water Testing Services

Serve-Ag provides quality, fast turnaround analytical agricultural services for a range of agricultural applications to clients and has done so for over 30 years. Soil and plant tissue testing underpin sound production agronomic advice, enabling sustainable economic and environmental management decisions. Monitor to manage is an important principle in any agricultural production system particularly systems where there are so many variables that can affect crop performance.

Serve-Ag offers a collection service for soil, plant and/or water samples. AgVita, a nationally accredited laboratory, process these samples and provide results to agribusiness clients and Serve-Ag agronomists who interpret the results and make recommendations based on the test outcomes.

Analysis include:

  • ExpressSoil- advanced soil analysis

Express Soil analyses are conducted prior to crop establishment to provide a comprehensive analyses of soil fertility.

  • AQUA~SURE – water analysis

AQUA~SURE analyses water from a range of sources such as irrigation water, spray tank water, river and stream water, recycled water, hydroponic nutrient solutions and soil solutions.

  • N-check – free soil nitrogen analysis

N-check is designed to measure soil nitrogen, used both as a pre-crop establishment test as well as an ‘in-crop’ test.

  • NU-test – crop nutrient uptake analysis

This is a rapid turnaround test used to determine the nutrient status within the plant to assist in managing plant nutrient requirements throughout the growing season. It allows for early detection and correction of nutritional problems.