Trapview Automated Pest Monitoring System

Trapview utilises innovative technology to provide a simplified solution to monitoring insect populations.

Automated Smart Trap
Energy independent and weather resistant traps capture images of lured pests.

Cloud-based processing
Insect images are interpreted and archived by powerful analytical tools.

Monitoring application
Access via multiple devices allows a rapid response to the situation in the field.

Trapview is a fully integrated system that provides an innovative, simplified solution with clear benefits for growers, agronomists and researchers needing reliable and near real-time visual insight into insect populations.

  • Automated pheromone traps capture images and use digital recognition to determine the number and type of lured pests
  • Data is sent via GPRS network for processing and secure archiving
  • Analysis of the situation is delivered to desktop and mobile devices in near real-time
  • Users are able to determine a solution with optimised insecticide selection and application timing.

trapview2An innovative approach to pest monitoring for smart farming.

Trapview is a complete monitoring solution that provides a clear indication of pest occurrences in traps located across remote sites without the need for users to be physically present in the field.

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  • Data capture intervals are adjustable and can be shortened without raising the cost of field inspections
  • Trapview provides valuable feedback on the effectiveness of mating disruption programs and alerts users to the need to change sticky trap inserts
  • The analytical features of Trapview allow quick evaluations regarding the accuracy of daily predictions from phenology models and gathered data can be compared over time
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  • More than 30 different species presently being lured and automatically monitored, marked and logged within the Trapview system
  • Users can manually mark other trapped pests after initial detection and the system will ‘learn’ to identify and ignore them in future reporting
  • Temperature and Humidity are also measured and data can be modelled against set Degree Day parameters to predict pest cycles.
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